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Guided Meditation

Meditation emerged from the search for answers to the classic questions of humanity., who we are, where we came from, what the meaning of life is. But, instead of looking for those answers outside, when we propose to meditate, this search takes place internally. In the guided meditation, the person is led by the voice of a guide, who stimulates visualizations of mental images and sensations, training the mind to pay attention to a specific focus in the present. Guided meditation works as a kind of roadmap for thoughts. The guide may suggest different techniques, depending on the intention of the meditation.

Benefits of the practice

  • Reduces stress and helps balance the nervous system
  • Activates sleeping areas of the brain
  • improves immunity, mental clarity, well-being
  • Promotes purification of mind and perception senses
  • Free from negative beliefs
  • Clearly see our true nature and express our highest potential

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