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Help for Life

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The HELP FOR LIFE Program was conceived through a partnership between Espaço SER – Casa Matheus Campos and the Swiss NGO HELP FOR HOPE, based in Geneva.

In 2021 we took integrative practices to more than 1.000 youngsters at schools!

We at Espaço SER had a thought-provoking concern: How to prevent, alleviate the effects of anxiety and depression in young people, even before they started popping up in schools!!!!

This is how our project was born and the Swiss NGO immediately embraced.

We annually, select, public and private schools. This way, 150 young people from each school, as of 14 years in each school, on a day previously scheduled with the Coordination, participate in an experience, in a morning or afternoon.

It will be 3 stages:

choice of 2 Integrative and Complementary Practices, Tai Chi and/or Yoga (activities that are successfully worked on in Espaço SER). The Yoga/Tai Chi instructor will give a brief explanation on the issue of depression, anxiety and the benefits those practices bring to the balance of body and mind, and then start the activity with the students. These practices encourage self-knowledge, concentration, serenity, energy, it means that, the benefits are numerous.

– Lectures for teachers, coordination, direction and parents, on the issue of mental health care, depression/anxiety/mental disorders, etc. Knowledge is power! Everyone should know these manifestations and the signs that people manifest, so that as soon as possible, they can be referred for treatment. The work carried out by the NGO (therapeutic protocols), the pillars that guide us, the success stories, etc., will , also be addressed.

– Psychological reception, on the day of the intervention, for students indicated by the Coordination and/or those who look for us during the interventions. The main idea is to inform and guide these students about a possible treatment to be done.. The analysis of each service will be passed on to the coordination of the school.

The goal we aim for, through this project, is to show the importance of inserting Integrative and Complementary Practices in the regular curriculum, from an early age. We strongly believe that this measure will enormously, benefit, students and also the faculty, promoting emotional balance throughout the school community, as well as the prevention of mental illness.