Espaço SER

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Who we are

We are an ONG, located in São Paulo/Capital(Brazil), composed 100% by VOLUNTEERS, non-profit, maintained through private donations.

We workIN PERSON AND ONLINE, being able to help, people from all over the world who speak the Portuguese language.

We offer Complementary Integrative Practices (based on the Ottawa Charter – WHO), as a complementary treatment to the psychological and/or the psychiatric one..

We assist people who are suffering from any psychological disorder or syndrome with self-destructive symptoms or suicidal ideation.

The NGO acceptance criteria are:: to be at least 7 years old, to currently be in psychological/psychiatric treatment or about to start one, having suicidal ideation and not being chemically dependent (alcohol, illicit drugs or hallucinogenic teas).


Welcome with Love

The person who is suffering or with emotional disorder is often criticized and not understood by society, family, by friends, not even by themselves. . In the NGO, we warmly welcome our participants, with no judgement, accepting them as they are. This loving embrace heals and starts our therapeutic process, nurturing the person who is in distress.


When the participant feels welcomed and commits regularly with our practices, they manage to find an inner harmony, that allows them to see beyond suffering. At that moment, the feeling of gratitude is worked, This feeling is good for health, making people more resilient, sociable and healthy, so that they can recognize the opportunities and experiences of their life as a form of learning.


Most people who are in pain get disconnect, isolate themselves for not being understood, walk away to protect themselves and to not be criticized or judged. By promoting the integration, our activities allow the participant to create a sense of belonging. finding a welcoming environment with generous listening, being able to identify themselvers with the others's speech and with their own emotions, it's a transformation!. The exercise of speaking, listening and understanding, validate their pain, so they feel part of a whole.


Our practices/therapies work on love, gratitude and integration. With the exercise of these pillars, the participant will be able to reconnect and discover their existential purpose. Our goal is to show them the way to find something that makes sense in their life., that feeds their spirituality and joy of living. We believe that the purpose of each one is linked to the action of doing good to others., to the animals, in nature, showing them the importance they have of being in this planet at the present moment, to transform it into a better world.

Encouraging SOLIDARITY is the main point worked with the participants, who are motivated to engage in entities, associations and foundations, all non-profit. They can also volunteer in our Espaço SER and, that way, they complete the final healing process established by their therapists and/or psychiatrists. Nothing is more rewarding than helping others.! We will thus be on the true path of the AGE OF LIGHT!

Mission, Vision and Values


Promote the emotional balance of participants through integrative practices/therapies, offering them and their families a support network that helps them to feel harmonious, able to collaborate and transform themselves and the environment around them


Inner harmonization of participants through welcoming, with love, respect, freedom, knowledge and feeling of gratitude, no ties to beliefs, cults or religions.


Amor, Spirituality, Consciousness, Respect, Integration and Independence.


Motivate participants to (re)find their life purpose and their inner light, by establishing contact with art, culture, inner knowledge and reflections.

Our Therapeutic Protocol

The set of integrative and complementary practices and therapies offered by Espaço SER is based on the Therapeutic Treatment Protocol of the Ottawa Charter and on the principles established by the World Health Organization (WHO). Our work aims to complement psychological and/or psychiatric treatment (when necessary), in order to improve the quality of life and promote the health of the participant and their families.

The Espaço SER Therapeutic Protocol aims an Ecumenical Energetic Therapy, with no religious affiliation. We understand that the human being, beyond their biological and psychological bodies, also has an energetic body, where emotional disorders start their roots. At the moment, the diagnosis of diseases and the proposed treatments focus only on their consequences. Our proposal is an holistic approach that combines the current knowledge of medicine/psychology with practices/therapies of profound energy healing power..

Who We Treat

In order to be a participant, you need to meet certain criteria:

  • To be at least 7 years old;
  • to be in suffering or an have suicidal ideation;
  • Have personality disorders, major depression, chronic anxiety or any syndrome with self-destructive symptoms;
  • Not a chemical dependent (alcohol, illicit drugs and/or hallucinogenic teas).


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