Espaço SER

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The following testimonies are reports from children, young people and adults who participate or have participated in the NGO's practices/therapies, as well as family members and/or guardians. Their names have been changed to preserve the secrecy and privacy of the deponents..

Espaço SER came into our lives at the beginning of this year and has helped us a lot. He was a divisor for us to understand what our son was going through. We were totally lost and didn't understand the best way to help him.. Today we see that the activities proposed by the NGO have done him a lot of good. actively participate, created new bonds and enjoys all activities. Makes a point of participating and expressing what he feels and thinks about the topics proposed in the Conversation Rounds.

The NGO made us understand that we are not the only ones going through this depression process, that it is necessary to talk about this and be always open to listen to the other. We have a long way to go, but knowing that we have support, It makes a difference.

We just have to thank all the participants and volunteers.

Murillo's mother 21 years old

The NGO Espaço SER, it's a place for you to feel welcomed. are always at your disposal, bring a lot of joy. Especially with the current pandemic, we need something to keep us happy. Classes are taught with welcoming instructors, who listen to everything that happened in their daily lives, relax you, give you the support and support you need. I always feel quite cheerful and relaxed with the classes, give an indescribable inner peace.

We met the NGO Espaço SER in January 2020. We were very well received by the host volunteers and by Fernando. How much affection and attention he gave us on the first day and little by little we realized that he is always like this, with everyone who looks for him. Then we met Tânia who also does everything with a lot of love! It's wonderful to see these parents who went through such great suffering and turned all the pain into love to spread to people who are going through a moment of depression or suffering from some disorder.. They adopt young people as their own children, opening the NGO with so many wonderful activities, like Yoga, Reiki, art therapy, photography, Tai Chi, among others. My son really likes to participate in the NGO and I noticed that he always comes out very well there!

The activities are very good for him and complement all the work of the psychiatrist and psychologist. He does therapy for the NGO and it helps him a lot. my eternal gratitude to you!

My son is in a school where he was well received and with very good professionals. And for some time they have been catching my attention and I have also noticed that my son today with 13 years come in a state of internal suffering with many nuances... But it generates insecurity and fear in him and in those who love him or follow him closely, as is the case of school professionals. In search of places or people who could help us, we got in touch with Fernando, one of the founders of the NGO Espaço SER where we were welcomed with great care and love. We know that nothing changes overnight and today he is being helped, sharing their experiences with activities such as art therapy, music therapy and more, having contact with other teens who have the same fears and insecurities. They exchange experiences and solutions, helping each other. I am responsible for him, I am also welcomed by the NGO Espaço SER, because we know that we all have to be okay, we are bases for our children as they are part of our path.

The NGO with all its participants who form it are very welcoming and with an immeasurable affection… in every word of strength and help. I am very grateful to the NGO Espaço SER.

Talking about the NGO “Espaço SER – Casa Matheus Campos” is talking about gratitude and love.

Knowing this place was for me like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert where I found myself with the scarcity of hope and my religious conviction boiling my brains.

But God never abandoned me, putting “angels” in my life, to teach me, direct me and support me in difficult times and it was in one of those moments that “Legões de Anjos” appeared in my life and that of my son with the name of NGO “Espaço SER – Casa Matheus Campos”, bringing protection, knowledge, assistance and love.

my son will complete 2 years in the NGO, its improvement and development in relation to maturity are clear, self knowledge, self confidence, self-esteem and courage...

I know it's a long process, but not impossible, that every achievement should be valued, that we have our limits, our difficulties... but that doesn't stop us from being happy, learning to accept ourselves and dream.

I learned that we need to unite to strengthen ourselves and thus help those who go through the same problem.

Thank you NGO “Espaço SER”

I am Camila's mother and I met the NGO Espaço SER – Casa Matheus Campos in one of the many difficult moments after her hospitalization. I wanted to have a place where she could be welcomed and bond with people who could understand her feelings and afflictions.. And it was in the NGO that she found, through a lot of dedication from everyone and the therapies and occupational practices, a space of her own, making you overcome difficult moments with more tranquility and balance. On this path of love and light today I see my daughter a stronger and happier person. I wish that more young people can find each other through the wonderful work done by you !!!

Light and my eternal gratitude.

The experience of being a mother of a young person with Borderline Personality represents learning and facing daily challenges... it is necessary to understand the subtlest signs of a person you love very much. It is necessary to develop the gift of perception… It is necessary to recognize all its shadows, to be able to undress in front of the son and, thus offering the best way to go hand in hand…

This path is not easy, but becomes lighter with assistance, NGO companionship and empathy…

I am eternally grateful to have you walking by our side…

My name is Fernanda and I would like to tell our story. My daughter Clara at fourteen started showing the first symptoms of depression after being bullied at school. We looked for a renowned psychiatrist and she was medicated.

She made drawings and said she would never go back to school. Started not getting out of bed, not even taking a shower and scribbling nonsense.

Self-mutilation, anger and intense eyes. Her posture bowed and she only wore black.. I only imagined forms of suicide. How? Fourteen years, loved, in a stable family, loving. how was it possible? Evolution was fast. Missed the school year because he couldn't attend the new school. The following year also did not attend. We couldn't believe how she turned, my little girl talking about dying. Unbelievable, in such a terrible way for any parent to understand the helplessness of this situation. To understand that we are incapable of saving our own daughter, to defend her from harm, of sadness, it's desperate. When we found ourselves powerless, I asked God to help me be with people who could help her.. That was all I fervently asked for., in maddening despair. during a consultation, our pediatrician and homeopath, who has accompanied Clara since her pregnancy, then referred us to the NGO Espaço Ser and in a phone call, in the midst of shivers and tears, because at that moment I could feel that I had been answered, but I didn't know how much, we know the NGO at the beginning. Clara was supported on the same day and soon she was attending activities daily and the love she received was so great that, until today, at sixteen, during the pandemic, does not stop actively participating, mainly from the conversation wheel, music therapy, yoga, among others.

Find other people who are going through the same situation, made her not feel alone anymore. She is loved and learned to love. Learned to feel good about herself and to go through the daily struggles of depression. I couldn't thank all these volunteers who are such exceptionally wonderful people. Spiritually evolved people in a communion of fraternal love. I would like to thank Milene, Sandra, psychologist Maria Delia, and all the other volunteers for the support my daughter had, that is indescribable! Walking alongside you all is the greatest gift in the world. Tania and Fernando, a lifetime of gratitude is too little to thank for saving us all! Thank you! Gratitude! Amor! blessing for you.

It was a gift from this quarantine to meet the NGO Espaço SER. make some 5 months that my daughter attends the NGO Online, Art Therapy and Yoga. It's nice to see her participating and interacting all happy. These activities are welcoming in this moment of isolation and anxiety that we are living in this pandemic. Had an improvement in sleep, in fears and insecurity.
Gratitude, one word that sums up this last year. One year ago, september 2019. I decided to end my life cycle, I had gone through the worst moments of my life in the last few months.. I just didn't see the point anymore, my routine was just lying on my bed crying, feeling an immense emptiness that took everything from me. Sometimes when I opened my eyes in the morning, I asked myself what I was still doing here. I have always had psychological and psychiatric follow-up, which fortunately was a very positive point, because I know that there are thousands of people who go through the same problem as me and never had a professional to accompany them. We are in a very significant month, because it is the month where psychological problems become more visible. There is a lot of debate about suicide. Something that, as a suicide attempt survivor, I would like to make it very clear, is that when you make the arduous decision to end your own existence, there is immeasurable pain. It's not a way to get attention like most people think.. this is no joke, It is a problem that has affected thousands of people in the world, regardless of your social class or skin color. If you have psychological problems don't shut up, find a professional who can help you, look for NGOs that work with therapeutic help. This will help you a lot. You are not alone in this fight., there are several people of light willing to help you. Here I leave my thanks to my psychologist, SER Space – Matheus Campos House, to my uncle who always found the best words to help me, my aunt and all my family. You are not alone! lots of light for you.

I was diagnosed with major depression around 18 years old, I was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic and I didn't see any sense in it.. To the 19, I was isolated for almost a year at home with no prospects. I didn't think about the future anymore... And that's when I decided to give myself a chance to really treat myself. Between ups and downs, I'm looking for my inner balance.

When we started to be quarantined I didn't get too much of a shock, because I had been in therapy and psychiatric follow-up for a while. We also started doing the same activities online. We don't have physical contact, but we can enjoy the activities in the same way; then, All this is helping a lot in this pandemic period.