Espaço SER

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In order to participate in our activities and answer your questions., you can talk to a volunteer from Espaço SER – Casa Matheus Campos, For that just send a WRITTEN MESSAGE or an AUDIO to our whatsapp.

Here, as in any other form of contact with Espaço SER – Casa Matheus Campos, you are treated with respect and anonymously, by a volunteer who will maintain strict confidentiality about everything said. The service by this means is not immediate., so leave your message here and, as soon as possible, one of our volunteers will reply to your message.

In order to be a participant, you need to meet some criteria:

  • To be at least 7 years old;
  • Being in distress or having suicidal ideation;
  • Have personality disorders, major depression, chronic anxiety or any syndrome with self-destructive symptoms;
  • Not chemically dependent (alcohol, illicit drugs and/or hallucinogenic teas).