Espaço SER

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Espaço SER

Reconnecting with life

Who we are

We are an ECUMENICAL NGO, located in São Paulo/Capital (Brazil), composed 100% by VOLUNTEERS, non-profit, maintained through private donations.

We work IN PERSON and ON-LINE, being able to help, people from all over the world who speak the Portuguese language.

We offer Complementary Integrative Practices (based on the Ottawa Charter – WHO), as a complementary treatment to the psychological and/or the psychiatric one..

We assist people who are suffering from any psychological disorder or syndrome with self-destructive symptoms or suicidal ideation.

The NGO acceptance criteria are:: to be at least 7 years old, to currently be in psychological/psychiatric treatment or about to start one, having suicidal ideation and not being chemically dependent (alcohol, illicit drugs or hallucinogenic teas).

The NGO Espaço SER – Casa Matheus Campos is fighting for the reconnection with LIFE!

A little bit about our job